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in Raleigh, NC

Overthinking, worry, fears, and anxiety can lead to choices that make your life smaller and less enjoyable. Cognitive behavioral strategies for improving life and reducing anxious thoughts are helpful to regain confidence and a happiness.

About Anthony Thomas

Anthony is a full time professional counselor with individuals, couples, adolescents, and families. He has been a pastor and a counselor for most of his career. Now he is a Pastor Emeritus at Crossroads Fellowship and has over 20 years of experience as a licensed counselor.



Anthony has had extensive experience working with individuals and with couples. He is a speaker and has lead seminars / conferences / classes related to marriage, parenting, and mental health. Together with Anthony, you will develop goals that improve communication and relational connection. Anthony understands the complexity of life and relationships, and his help is designed to strengthen health and happiness in your life.


  • Assess & Develop Goals

  • Explore History & Life Impact

  • Understand CBT Strategy & Consider Options

  • Evaluate & Celebrate Baby Steps

  • Reduce Distress & Negative Thoughts

  • Reassess & Modify Goals

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