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It is critical when seeking Relationship Counseling that couples find an experienced therapist who understands the complexity of family life and relationships today. Whether you are cohabitating, engaged, dating, or in an on-again, off-again relationship, you will be helped to develop and achieve your relational goals.


Individuals use professional counseling to help with various goals and life challenges. Whether it is a struggle with depression, anxiety, or relational conflict, you will find that individual therapy from a cognitive behavioral perspective is helpful.


Working with couples prior to marriage to prepare for the days ahead is one of my favorite things to do. While churches often offer free programs for premarital counseling, many still choose the extra security of connecting with a professional. I typically offer a four-session package for pre-marriage counseling at a discounted rate. This package includes a marriage assessment, and several take home worksheets to prepare individuals for a life together.


Family relationships that have become difficult can benefit from the guidance of an experienced Family Counselor. Whether the issue relates to the complications of blended family life, adoption issues, or poor choices that kids sometimes make,  counseling can often help. For children who are ten years old and above I am glad to help families navigate a game plan to improve communication and functioning in the home.


Dealing with the challenge of depression often requires the guidance of a professional, for the one struggling, and typically for family members to understand the impact. Providing hope and a path forward with a strengths oriented, cognitive behavioral approach will lead toward improvement and stability. 


Life can easily become overwhelming. And our experiences of abuse or traumatic events can create triggers and responses that make life difficult. Exploring past hurts and current stress is an important part of counseling and requires skill to ensure and maintain safety. Learn coping strategies and tools as you work through a strengths oriented plan toward a happier life.


Assessing and addressing substance use, abuse, and addiction issues is an important component that many seek help to address. I began my career as a substance abuse counselor, and that foundation has served me well to help many find a path of recovery.


Overthinking, worry, fears, and anxiety can lead to choices that make your life smaller and less enjoyable. Cognitive behavioral strategies for improving life and reducing anxious thoughts are helpful to regain confidence and a happiness.

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